Camp Devens
Monday Night

Dear Brother:-

I am going to write you to-night, but don't know how much of a letter, but then you'd like to hear from me just the same, I guess.

Well, to begin with I worked in the kitchen again yesterday (Sunday), but as a good many went away, we did not have to work hard. The Marso's and Clarence Arnold. Mr. and Mrs. Whiting, Mr. & Mrs. Barnard, Charlie Barnard and Donald, and Mr. & Mrs. Hutchins, all called on me yesterday in the course of the day. So you see I was not very lonesome. Autos may come into the camp Sundays now, so Mr. Barnard brought his car in and we went all over camp. I got out of the kitchen for two hours in the afternoon. Mother did not come up this time. Everything being all right, I'll be home this week-end, and then next Wednesday noon we get off until Thursday night for Thankgiving, and expect to go home then, too.

Gee! I had a tough week last week getting over that darn grippe, and think I feel pretty good now. I took a cold shower last night, and don't think I got anymore could out of it.

I attended "college night" events Friday evening:q


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