This page contains an index of all the sources in the database, sorted by their title. Clicking on a source’s title will take you to that source’s page.

Number Author Name
1 James Savage A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, [S0011]
2 Birth Certificate of Anne Corbett [S0032]
3 Data from Barbara Whitney [S0003]
4 Data from Donald Hinsman [S0018]
5 Diane Kramer [S0010]
6 Email from Armistead Dennett 10/21/2000. [S0005]
7 Email from Dan Malloy [S0031]
8 Email from Dave Best [S0029]
9 Email From Faith Dennett McAdams [S0028]
10 Email from Lisa Keene (Carol & Lisa Keene ) on 2/10/2000 [S0019]
11 Email from Lois Dennett [S0035]
12 Email from Marian Perkins [S0036]
13 Email from Marilyn Dennett Johnson [S0004]
14 Email from Michol Phillips [S0033]
15 Email from Russell Dennett [S0030]
16 Email from Stephen C. Dennett [S0034]
17 Email to denentt-l from Armistead Dennett on 10/20/2000 [S0012]
18 Emails (email6, email7, email8) from Ken Kyle. [S0014]
19 Family Bible. Speculative. See source notes for Mary Hughes (wife.) [S0026]
20 Family Bible [S0006]
21 Family Bible [S0024]
22 Family Group Sheet supplied by Stewart Dennett [S0007]
23 Cutter, William Richard Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating To The Families Of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts [S0038]
24 Gravestone [S0023]
25 Info from John Krause ( [S0020]
26 Joanne Sparkes - [S0016]
27 Joanne Sparkes - [S0017]
28 Joanne Sparkes - [S0021]
29 Joanne Sparkes - [S0015]
30 Joanne Sparkes - [S0022]
31 Worcester Telegram Obituary for Harold Johnson [S0037]
32 Everett S. Stackpole Old Kittery And Her Families [S0008]
33 Stackpole, Everett S. Old Kittery And Her Families [S0013]
34 Personal Knowledge [S0000]
35 Bruce Ingmire Seacoast Chronicles: Dennett brothers, family settled both sides of the Piscataqua River [S0009]
36 Speculative: Based on a Mary Bird listed in a family Bible. Death of Mary [S0025]
37 Whitney Research Group Website [S0039]