Dennett, Winburn Albert

Birth Name Dennett, Winburn Albert
Gramps ID I0709
Gender male
Age at Death 68 years, 9 months, 10 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0715] 1927-02-05 Milford, Massachusetts, United States of America  
Death [E0716] 1995-11-15 Arizona, United States of America  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Dennett, Winburn Albert [I0025]
Mother Gould, Viola Ethelwyn [I0047]
         Dennett, Winburn Albert [I0709]
    Sister     Dennett, Marilyn Frances [I0710]


    Family of Dennett, Winburn Albert and Brown, Ruth Marie [F0306]
Married Wife Brown, Ruth Marie [I0744]
  1. Dennett, Stephen Craig [I0746]
  2. Dennett, Lawrence Scott [I0745]

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Dennett, Winburn Albert [I0025]
    1. Gould, Viola Ethelwyn [I0047]
      1. Dennett, Marilyn Frances [I0710]
      2. Dennett, Winburn Albert
        1. Brown, Ruth Marie [I0744]
          1. Dennett, Lawrence Scott [I0745]
          2. Dennett, Stephen Craig [I0746]