Mead, Elizabeth

Birth Name Mead, Elizabeth
Gramps ID I0252
Gender female


    Family of Dennett, Joseph and Mead, Elizabeth [F0041]
Married Husband Dennett, Joseph [I0073]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E0766] 1704-06-24    
  1. Dennett, Hannah [I0254]
  2. Dennett, Joseph [I0256]
  3. Dennett, Elizabeth [I0253]
  4. Dennett, Ann [I0255]
  5. Dennett, Nicholas [I0257]
    Family of Hewey, Samual and Mead, Elizabeth [F0120]
Married Husband Hewey, Samual [I0261]


This name supplied from a newspaper column sent by:
Frank Dennett
PO Box 102
Kittery, ME 03904

The column itself was:
Seacoat Chrionicle: Dennett Brothers, Family Settled Both Sides of Piscataqua River
By: Bruce Ingmire
Published by: The Portsmouth Press, date unknown

Newspaper column lists her as Elizabeth Mead DENNETT. It is not clear if the author gives her maiden or married name.


    1. Mead, Elizabeth
      1. Dennett, Joseph [I0073]
        1. Dennett, Elizabeth [I0253]
        2. Dennett, Hannah [I0254]
        3. Dennett, Ann [I0255]
        4. Dennett, Joseph [I0256]
        5. Dennett, Nicholas [I0257]
      2. Hewey, Samual [I0261]

Source References

  1. Everett S. Stackpole: Old Kittery And Her Families [S0008]
      • Page: Page 348