Family of Whitney, Henry Martin and Fiske, Cora


Married Husband Whitney, Henry Martin [I0608]
Married Wife Fiske, Cora [I0609]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E0799] 1874-06-09 Acton, Massachusetts, United States of America  
  1. Whitney, John Henry [I0610]
  2. Whitney, Charles Forrest [I0275]
  3. Whitney, Mary Ida [I0617]
  4. Whitney, William Alfred [I0622]
  5. Whitney, Laura Isabel [I0626]
  6. Whitney, Alice Maude [I0635]
  7. Whitney, Florence Mabel [I0667]
  8. Whitney, Roland Eugene [I0668]
  9. Whitney, Louise Cora [I0670]

Source References

  1. Data from Barbara Whitney [S0003]