Dennett, Sally Elizabeth

Birth Name Dennett, Sally Elizabeth
Gramps ID I0168
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0237] 1787    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Dennett, John [I0162]
Mother Gould, Sarah Elizabeth [I0166]
    Brother     Dennett, David [I0167]
         Dennett, Sally Elizabeth [I0168]
    Sister     Dennett, Eunice [I0169]
    Brother     Dennett, Sam G. [I0170]
    Sister     Dennett, Polly [I0171]
    Sister     Dennett, Betsey [I0172]
    Sister     Dennett, Patience [I0173]
    Sister     Dennett, Phebe [I0174]
    Sister     Dennett, Dorothy [I0175]
    Sister     Dennett, Harriet [I0176]
    Sister     Dennett, Dorcas G. [I0177]


    Family of Dewey, Simon and Dennett, Sally Elizabeth [F0083]
Married Husband Dewey, Simon [I0182]
  1. Dennett, Jacob Alonzo [I0183]


Name and DOB from Descendants Chart supplied by Roxie HOLLAND-MORITZ.

Sally's husband, Simon, may have been a Mormon and they migrated to Utah. For some reason Sally and her son Jacob left Simon and returned East. Sally and Jacob retained the Dennett name. However, it is possible that Jacob later adopted his father's name as Jacob had several wives and at least one of his children had the last name of DEWEY.

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Dennett, John [I0162]
    1. Gould, Sarah Elizabeth [I0166]
      1. Dennett, David [I0167]
      2. Dennett, Sally Elizabeth
        1. Dewey, Simon [I0182]
          1. Dennett, Jacob Alonzo [I0183]
      3. Dennett, Eunice [I0169]
      4. Dennett, Sam G. [I0170]
      5. Dennett, Polly [I0171]
      6. Dennett, Betsey [I0172]
      7. Dennett, Patience [I0173]
      8. Dennett, Phebe [I0174]
      9. Dennett, Dorothy [I0175]
      10. Dennett, Harriet [I0176]
      11. Dennett, Dorcas G. [I0177]