Dennett, Alexander

Birth Name Dennett, Alexander
Gramps ID I0066
Gender male
Age at Death about 63 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0118] about 1670 Hurstpierpoint, England  
Death [E0119] 1733 Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States of America  
Burial [E0120] 1733-06-26 Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States of America  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Dennett, Alexander [I0063]
Mother Dennett, Mrs. Alexander [I0065]
         Dennett, Alexander [I0066]
    Sister     Dennett, Sarah [I0067]
    Brother     Dennett, William [I0068]
    Sister     Dennett, Grace [I0069]


    Family of Dennett, Alexander and Tetherly, Mehitable [F0036]
Married Wife Tetherly, Mehitable [I0075]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E0763] 1691    
  1. Dennett, Oliver [I0083]
  2. Dennett, Susannah [I0076]
  3. Dennett, Elizabeth [I0077]
  4. Dennett, Ebenezer [I0078]
  5. Dennett, Mehitable [I0079]
  6. Dennett, Moses [I0080]
  7. Dennett, Samuel [I0081]
  8. Dennett, Sarah [I0082]
    Family of Dennett, Alexander and Mason, Ester [F0037]
Married Wife Mason, Ester [I0084]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E0764] 1728-12-02    


Data supplied by: Stewart Dennett
P.O. Box 215
Cedar City, UT 84721
1- Mn. 40 pt. 1 p. 193 Gen. Dict. of Mn & N-Hm pt. 4-5 p. 677 Am. Pub H. vol 24 p. 17-360
2. Old Kittery & Her Fam. p. 351 Call # Mn. 2k Gen Lib S.L
The following is transcribed from Family Group Sheets supplied by Stewart Dennett of Cedar City, UT.
(From FGS of Alexander Dennett II)
Old Kittery and Her Families p. 351 Cal # Mn. 2k Gen. Lib. S.L.C.
Alexander Dennett, brother of John the immigrant was born about 1639 and died in New Castle N-Hm in 1698. His Son, Alexander II was born about 1670. He stettled in what is now Eliot in 1681. Had a grant in 1694. Married Mehitable, daughter of Gabriel TETHERLY. Died in 1733 in Portsmouth, leaving children: Moses, Samuel, Ebenezer, Mehitable STEWART, Elizabeth SANBORN, Sarah who married Joshua WEYMOUTH and Susanna who married Joshua DOWNING of Newington 17 Nov 1724
New Eng. Hist. and Gen. Reg. vol 33 p. 109
Genealogies in Preparation: Dennett -- by William H. Dennett, 260 Wash. St. Boston, Mass.
There are two branches of this family descended from Alexander and John, who appear to have settled at Portsmouth. Alexander died at New Castle in 1698 and John at Portsmouth in 1709. The first of the names born in America was at Portsmouth in 1675. A third Dennett, Thomas, emigrated as late as 1715 to Philadelphia.
DOB reported by Roxie HOLLAND-MORITZ to be 1663.
Email from Dave Best lists Alexander's birth year as 1660, death year as 1733 and marriage year to Mehitable Tetherly as 1691. It also lists Mehitable's death year as 1691 which may not be correct based on birth years of children.

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Dennett, Alexander [I0063]
    1. Dennett, Mrs. Alexander [I0065]
      1. Dennett, Alexander
        1. Tetherly, Mehitable [I0075]
          1. Dennett, Susannah [I0076]
          2. Dennett, Elizabeth [I0077]
          3. Dennett, Ebenezer [I0078]
          4. Dennett, Mehitable [I0079]
          5. Dennett, Moses [I0080]
          6. Dennett, Samuel [I0081]
          7. Dennett, Sarah [I0082]
          8. Dennett, Oliver [I0083]
        2. Mason, Ester [I0084]
      2. Dennett, Sarah [I0067]
      3. Dennett, William [I0068]
      4. Dennett, Grace [I0069]


Source References

  1. Everett S. Stackpole: Old Kittery And Her Families [S0008]
      • Page: Page 351