Family of Dennett, John and Tetherly, Mary 1


Married Husband Dennett, John [I0292] ( * 1708-12-22 + 1797-10-26 )
Married Wife Tetherly, Mary [I0296] ( * 1712-03-25 + 1777 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage [E0804] about 1730     1
Name Birth Date Death Date
Dennett, John [I0300]1731-10-181736-01-20
Dennett, Eleanor [I0301]1734-04-28
Dennett, Mercy [I0302]1736-06-11
Dennett, John [I0303]1738-03-151797-10-26
Dennett, William [I0304]1739-02-011803-10-25
Dennett, Mary [I0305]1741-03-07
Dennett, Mark [I0306]1744-11-13
Dennett, Anne [I0307]1747-11-02
Dennett, Elizabeth [I0308]1750-02-02
Dennett, Sarah [I0309]1751-06-08
Dennett, Thomas [I0310]1754-03-22
Dennett, Hannah [I0311]1756-08-131806-11-09

Source References

  1. Email from Armistead Dennett 10/21/2000. [S0005]