Dennett, Sarah

Birth Name Dennett, Sarah
Gramps ID I0309
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0352] 1751-06-08    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Dennett, John [I0292]
Mother Tetherly, Mary [I0296]
    Brother     Dennett, John [I0300]
    Sister     Dennett, Eleanor [I0301]
    Sister     Dennett, Mercy [I0302]
    Brother     Dennett, John [I0303]
    Brother     Dennett, William [I0304]
    Sister     Dennett, Mary [I0305]
    Brother     Dennett, Mark [I0306]
    Sister     Dennett, Anne [I0307]
    Sister     Dennett, Elizabeth [I0308]
         Dennett, Sarah [I0309]
    Brother     Dennett, Thomas [I0310]
    Sister     Dennett, Hannah [I0311]
Father Dennett, John [I0292]
Stepmother Baver, Sarah Weymouth [I0705]


    Family of Chase, Thomas and Dennett, Sarah [F0152]
Married Husband Chase, Thomas [I0324]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E0812] 1778    


  1. Dennett, John [I0292]
    1. Tetherly, Mary [I0296]
      1. Dennett, John [I0300]
      2. Dennett, Eleanor [I0301]
      3. Dennett, Mercy [I0302]
      4. Dennett, John [I0303]
      5. Dennett, William [I0304]
      6. Dennett, Mary [I0305]
      7. Dennett, Mark [I0306]
      8. Dennett, Anne [I0307]
      9. Dennett, Elizabeth [I0308]
      10. Dennett, Sarah
        1. Chase, Thomas [I0324]
      11. Dennett, Thomas [I0310]
      12. Dennett, Hannah [I0311]


Source References

  1. Everett S. Stackpole: Old Kittery And Her Families [S0008]
      • Page: Page 349
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