Whitney, Mary

Birth Name Whitney, Mary
Gramps ID I0679
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Whitney, John Dudley [I0606]
Mother Doughty, Elizabeth [I0607]
    Sister     Whitney, Elvina Sophiah [I0680]
    Brother     Whitney, John Dudley [I0672]
    Sister     Whitney, Lucy Ann [I0673]
    Brother     Whitney, Joseph [I0674]
    Brother     Whitney, Samuel [I0675]
    Sister     Whitney, Mariah [I0676]
    Sister     Whitney, Rebecca Jane [I0677]
    Brother     Whitney, William Benjamin Franklin [I0678]
         Whitney, Mary [I0679]
    Brother     Whitney, Henry Martin [I0608]
    Brother     Whitney, Edward [I0681]
    Brother     Whitney, Charles Harlow [I0682]


    Family of Norcross, Allen and Whitney, Mary [F0300]
Married Husband Norcross, Allen [I0690]


  1. Whitney, John Dudley [I0606]
    1. Doughty, Elizabeth [I0607]
      1. Whitney, Joseph [I0674]
      2. Whitney, Samuel [I0675]
      3. Whitney, William Benjamin Franklin [I0678]
      4. Whitney, John Dudley [I0672]
      5. Whitney, Mary
        1. Norcross, Allen [I0690]
      6. Whitney, Charles Harlow [I0682]
      7. Whitney, Edward [I0681]
      8. Whitney, Mariah [I0676]
      9. Whitney, Rebecca Jane [I0677]
      10. Whitney, Lucy Ann [I0673]
      11. Whitney, Elvina Sophiah [I0680]
      12. Whitney, Henry Martin [I0608]